SML Broadcast Podcast Season 8 – Episode 28

Welcome back to the twenty-eighth episode of the eighth season of the SML Broadcast Podcast! The first of two final all-eighth grade episodes, anchors Sarah Lugo and Sophia Zonni host this one. Following the announcements, Daniela Arias and Sofia Saldaña update the SML calendar. All four Epic Sports anchors – Ethan Aleman, Mia Fajardo, Aidan Gutierrez, and Kate Rosales – are in the building for the track season updates, while sports reporters Brandon Chung, Zaara Kachroo, and Olivia Rizk reveal the final POTWs of the year. Lucas Serna spotlights the newest Super Star readers and celebrates the 8th grader that made SML history by reading over 12,000,000 words. Find out who this special student is!