SML Broadcast Podcast Season 8 – Episode 29

To look back; reflect; consider; review; contemplate; think about. This is exactly what the 8th grade podcasters did in episode twenty-nine of the eighth season of the SML Broadcast Podcast. As they mull over their many years here at St. Mark’s, we would like to say a big THANK YOU to the nineteen graduating news team members who “made some podcast” and created this wonderful season. Huge congratulations and thanks to Ethan Aleman, Daniela Arias, Matthew Avalos, Diego Barrera, Brandon Chung, Mia Fajardo, Hailey George, Aidan Gutierrez, Jone Higuchi, Zaara Kachroo, Ethan Kwong, Sarah Lugo, James Qiu, Olivia Rizk, Kate Rosales, Lucas Serna, Sofia Saldaña, Cianna Tovalin, & Sophia Zonni. Roar on, lions! We’ll miss you!