SML Broadcast Podcast Season 8 – Episode 30

Good morning, lions! This is the thirtieth episode of the eighth season of the SML Broadcast Podcast. With the 8th grade news team members on the East Coast trip, the 7th grade podcasters are running the show. Anchors Rylee Birtja and Collin Nelson kick things off with the announcements, followed by Calendar Man Matthew Aceves with the weekly updates. Next, Epic Sports anchors Jolene Hernandez and Mariella Rezko run through the 2018-2019 Players of the Year, and reporters Grace Clark and Madison Gallegos give the low down on the summer SML sports camps. Finally, field reporters Sonia Bhatia and Daniela Lopez feature the final teacher of the school year. Will this educator be able to break the Lightning Round record of 20 questions answered in just 60 seconds?!?! Stay tuned to find out!